Starting out as a fashion designer

Marc Bouwer was raised in South Africa and now works in New York City. Bouwer's inspiration for his tailoring comes from the Hollywood bombshells he saw at the movies as a child and he knew then that “When I grow up, that’s what I want to do. I want to create clothes for women like that.”After his national service in South Africa Bouwer studied fashion and won the South African Vogue Young Designer award. Marc emigrated to New York with his award portfolio where he met fashion legend Roy Halston Frowick, who offered Marc the opportunity to join his studio.

At Halston's studio Marc refined his skills, from tailoring to cutting and draping. Eventually becoming a master draper, Marc’s draping technique would eventually make him the darling of the fashion set with garments cut and created from modern fabrics to complement a woman's figure, giving rise to one of his signature form-fitting looks, ‘athletic glamour.’

Bouwer's creations

Bouwer's work with Halston was the launchpad for starting out on his own in the 1990s with Paul Margolin as his business partner dealing with press and daily operations. Bouwer's versatility to cut and sew evening-wear of timeless elegance was crucial to his success. His look is distinct with lush colors, plunging necklines, and daring up-to-there slits kept in check by an appreciation for classic silver-screen glamour.

Bouwer’s creations have graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Vanity Fair, Glamour and Vibe Magazine among others. His designs have are also seen on the red carpet at movie premieres and awards shows. His clients have included Oprah, Laverne Cox, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bernhard and Shania Twain.

Bouwer's awards for avoiding animal products in his fashions include a PETA Humanitarian Award, and The United States Humane Societies “Compassion in Fashion Award”. He has also received sponsorship from PETA for his cruelty-free designs.

Bouwer’s strong ties to Hollywood's A-list has made him a sought-after spokesperson for the entertainment industry. As a guest stylist and judge on many popular programs, he’s become the go-to personality for advice on style and fashion.

The Marc Bouwer Hybrid label is a contemporary dress line represented by Joey Showroom, and available at retailers Saks Fifth Avenue and Antrhopologie. Bouwer further extended his designs for every woman with projects such as QVC M by Marc Bouwer sportswear and Glamit.

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